The William P. Howe Commons is a Class A office park centrally located in the historic Borough of Pennington. The property offers leasing opportunities for office suites ranging from 200 to 6,500 square feet. The Commons consists of five separate buildings ranging in size from five to nearly eight thousand square foot of gross leaseable space.

Three of the buildings form a quaint courtyard setting, with South Main Street providing the fourth side of the quadrangle. The centerpiece building at the Commons, known as The Abey Building, was once the residence of William P. Howe, one of the Borough’s most well-known and well respected businessman and philanthropist. It later became the home of the town’s revered town doctor, William Abey. The Abey Building was retrofitted into offices in the 1970’s while Buildings B and C were under construction. Building D was added in 1982 and Building E was built by the current ownership in 2009.

Two of the five buildings are fully occupied by single tenants;  one of which is the home of the Commons’ principal owner, The Electrochemical Society. The other three buildings are occupied by multiple tenants who share common area facilities.

Howe Commons offers leasing opportunities for office suites ranging from 200 to 6,500 square feet. We typically structure our leases with full-service rental rates which include the payment of utilities and other expenses. Depending on the size of the space, length of the lease, and other factors such as visibility and access, our full-service rental rates range from $17 to $30 per square foot. We also offer to do custom construction projects for tenants that have a track record and are willing to sign longer term leases. Please contact us to discuss availability.


George Ackerman
Benbrooke Realty Investment Company


Howe Commons Building A
Building A
5,425 square feet
Building B
7,831 square feet

Building C
6,408 square feet

Howe Commons Building D
Building D
6,517 square feet

Howe Commons Building E
Building E
6,422 square feet